Senseperceptions have a richness and a beauty that facinates me in my painting. It is a way of getting into intimate touch with the visible world around me, and through it – with myself. Very often human beeings  or figures in a context are in focus. The models I choose to paint are neither necessarily young nor well-proportioned. Instead I look for the unique greatness of the human beeing in front of me and through that to reveal eternal human conditions. To me a certain attitude or gesture may be full of poetry and by painting that I become more aware and alive. I may start painting an ordinary thing and realize how extraordinary it really is! When succeeded it is to see the little things in a great perspective.

In my paintings I use energetic brushwork  and broken colours related to impressionism. Instead of painting things, I want to catch the special light on the location. Very often I put blops of colour next to each other and a painterly surface occurs. Seen at a short range, this ”mosaic” looks like an abstract painting. Watching it on a distance, it reveals itself as something recognizable – a market place for instance. There are so to speak two perspectives in one picture. Looking at the paintings the spector may acknowledge that he or she is also a participator when shapes and the kaleidoscope of colours are becoming meaningfull.



Erik Langkjær, born 1967, had his first exhibition in 1985 and today his works are popular with a Danish audience. Since 2009, he has been a permanent exhibitor in Midtjyllands Kunst Center, now one of the biggest galleries in Denmark. Here he is represented throughout the year and has sold oil paintings for clients both home and abroad. Erik has studied at art school and received guidance from professional artists, including the well-regarded English portraitist Ken Paine. Since 2009, he has been affiliated with Midtjyllands Kunst Center, Denmark

As an academic philosopher and with a four year education in Tibetan Philosophy and psychology, Erik has been engaged in understanding how we experience. It is reflected in his paintings where the impermanence of life and human sense experience are in focus. Very often human beeings  or figures in a context appear in his paintings.

Erik has taught aesthetics, painting, drawing, and croquis at various levels, for instance at folk high schools and upper secondary schools.


Art School: Den Frie Kunstskole, Odense 1993-96 by painter John Fabrin. Painter John Fabrin has subsequently been my mentor for many years.  Art course ”Painting faces and bodylanguage” with Ken Paine, Dedham, England 2014.



Midtjyllands Kunst Center. Permanent exhibitor since 2009.

Paintings sold to customers national and international.

Gallery New Form/ Galleri Minerva, Trelleborg/ Malmö, Sverige 2013

Gallery Art Corner, Randers 2009

Gallery Lundeborg 2001

Gallery Kunstgården Skovby 1992

Gallery Fabrin, Odense 1988

Exhibitions (*soloshows)

Plus-Minus, KulturCenter Fredericia, Denmark 2013.

Forårsudstilling Borgerhuset Kolding, Denmark 2004

Stribkunstnernes forårsudstilling, Denmark, 1996

*Biblioteksbygningen Klosterbakken, Odense, Denmark 1995

Fynboernes Påskeudstilling, Ringe, Denmark 1992

Fynboernes Påskeudstilling 1989

*Kunstudstillingsbygningen, Odense 1987

Companies/Art Associations

Tommerup Rådhus 2004

Naturgas Fyn 2004

Danish Crown 2004

Middelfart Kommune 2004

Faaborg Kommune 2004

Ørbæk Kommune 2004

Lindøværftet 2004

Ullerslev Kommune 2004

Kolding Kommune 2003

Nørre Aaby Kommune 2002

Ejby Kommune 2002

Vissenbjerg Kommune 2001

Middelfart Politi 2001

Glamsbjerg Skole 2001

Fyns Hørecenter 1999

Amtssparekassen Fyn 1998

Vestfyns Gymnasium 1998

Augustenborg Sygehus 1995

Nørgård Mikkelsen Reklamebureau 1991

Områdekontoret Rosengård 1990

Arbejdernes Landsbank 1988

Syddansk Universitet 1988

Sct. Knuds Gymnasium 1986

Damixa 1985


”Modern Art – 30 artists, volume 3”. Habsoe Publisher 2012.

”Modern Art – 30 artists, volume 4”. Habsoe Publisher 2013.

”Modern Art – 30 artists, volume 6”. Habsoe Publisher 2014.

Written preface and with a painting on the book cover.

Other things

Decoration: Institute of Sport, Aarhus University 2009.

TV spot: ”Kunstpausen – På besøg hos Erik Langkjær” (60 min.) v. Dan Dorschel, Fredericia lokalTV 2010.

Erik has taught aesthetics, painting, drawing, and croquis at various levels, for instance at folk high schools and upper secondary schools.

Head of a local Croquisklub.

Board member of Fredericia Art Assiociation 2009-2011.

Portrait tasks

”We see what we think instead of thinking about what we see”.

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